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Brookwood Loans review as a microfinance organization


A short-term or mid-term loan can be a savior when there is an unforeseen gap of cash. Brookwood Loans promo codes are designed to bridge gaps between your cash flows, as it offers microfinance solutions for people of all social strata in the term of up to 36 months.

About the company & Brookwood Loans rates

Brookwood Loans (BL) is a privately owned microfinance company that caters to broad segments of clients thanks to its fast lending process of up to $3,500 in amounts that are given to bank accounts of borrowers. The company operates in 4 states (with more of them to join). It has brick-and-mortar offices in two states: Virginia and Georgia. Asking for a loan is done through the official website. 

Getting money in three easy steps

There’s no need to spend more than half an hour of your precious time to apply for a loan. Do it as follows:

  1. Open the link and register (if you’re a new client) or enter your personal account (if you’re an already registered user).

  2. Complete the application.

  3. Verify the application with your e-signature and send it for consideration.

If it is approved, you will be notified shortly. Most applications are considered within 1 hour during business time. After approval, one shall sign a lending agreement, which is also possible not leaving home or work, using an e-signature. 

BL for emergencies

Employees in BL are ready to cover all your emergencies like the ones listed below.

Urgent car repairs

A car can be damaged in a road accident or in a natural disaster. Also, some detail can break without prior notice, leaving you in the need of several thousand dollars cash loan (if there is no extra dough in the wallet). No matter what the reason for the repair is, you can always initiate an urgent request for a cash loan.

Unavoidable expenses that have urgently arisen

Anything can happen that’s connected to health issues, housing situations, or family expenditures (also, ones connected to children, their health, and education). Or maybe you’re willing to pay for something super urgent like fines or taxes? BL’s got you covered: address to BL and get a prompt answer! 

Urgently-needing payment vacation

Vacation is always extremely pleasant. The only thing that might cloud it is that it comes so fast that you really don’t have a chance to prepare for it. And if it starts in just several days, BL can save you with a swift cash loan upon your request.

Addressing Brookwood Loans complaints

BL always struggles to make its services world-class. However, if any of their clients have anything to tell them or to leave a complaint, they’re encouraged to immediately address it. Contact BL for any such issue: 1 (800) 324-40-61 or 3440 Preston Ridge Road, office 500, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

Write at [email protected] 

Brookwood Loans address and contact information

Georgia state office: 3440 Preston Ridge Road, office 100, Alpharetta, GA, 30005.

Virginia state office: 2901 South Lynnhaven Road, office 360, Virginia Beach, VA, 23452.

For prompt contact with the company, please use the feedback form located at 

Frequently Asked Questions & Brookwood Loans reviews

  1. How Brookwood Loans lending works?

BL is a microfinance company that grants short-term and mid-term lending to natural persons within 1 banking day after the approval of a request and signing a lending contract. No fax or personal visit required: everything is provided through the website form. Rates differ for every state the company operates in. A client has to register and create a Brookwood Loans login in order to file a request and has to have a valid bank account to receive money into, as well as to have a permanent residential address in one of the states the company works in. 

  1. What amounts are lent?

A natural person can be lent amounts from $1,100 to $3,500. Consideration of lending is done based on a number of factors, as well as the effective yearly interest rate will be decided for each customer individually based on such:

  • income value and its regularity

  • credit history of a person

  • financial situation in general and availability of assets (including securities)

  • the purpose of crediting

  • recurring customer or not (recurring ones can count on discounts).

  1. What are the Brookwood Loans address and Brookwood Loans phone number?

The contact number is (505) 476-4885. Office addresses one can find above in the test, for Virginia and Georgia.

  1. What do Brookwood Loans customer reviews tell about the speed of receiving the money?

For all applications that are finished and signed by clients (that is, they are sent for consideration) before 1 PM during working days, the decision comes the same working day. For all cases, the decision is granted on the next working day at most if it hasn’t been given the same working day. The money comes to the bank account within 24 hours after granting a positive decision, which is typically the same or the next banking day.

  1. Is Brookwood Loans legit?

The legitimacy of BL is verified by licenses obtained for doing business. They are received for all states that demand their obtaining, except Alabama and Georgia, where they aren’t obligatory. So, it is safe to work with BL.